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Over seventy authors from throughout IRD - scientists, heads of depart­ment, project officers and members of civil society - share their knowl­edge and skills in sustainable development research. 

ln these pages, their different views form an interdisciplinary and cross-sec­toral insight into sustainability science, and provide the reader with food for thought on this emerging approach.


Editeur : IRD Éditions

Collection : Hors collection

Publication : 5 mai 2023

Intérieur : Couleur

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Langue(s) : Anglais

EAN13 eBook [PDF] : 9782709929820



  1. Sustainability science: finding sustainable solutions within planetary boundaries
  2. Understand, co-construct, transform: a triptych in need of social sciences?
  3. Sustainable solutions to fishing-marine megafauna conflicts
  4. Volcanic soils and health: what are the risks?
  5. Supporting sustainability science
  6. Pathways to supporting sustainable development in the Pacific Ocean
  7. Community-based rodent management in African cities
  8. A research partnership for improving sustainability science methodologies
  9. Artisanal fisheries through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals
  10. Socio-ecological co-viability as a response to the planetary emergency
  11. Towards sustainable hydropower generation in West Africa


  1. Sustainability science, a more engaged science?
  2. Sustainability science and philosophy: avenues for cross-fertilisation
  3. Promoting socio-hydrological interdisciplinarity
  4. Ethnoecology through the lens of sustainability science
  5. Agrobiodiversity and sustainability: a collaborative approach
  6. Transdisciplinarity “Around 2°C”
  7. The World Water Forum: who discusses what and how?
  8. “Pathways” are at the heart of a transdisciplinary community of practice
  9. Knowledge communities as a basis for scientific multiculturalism
  10. CoLAB: a multi-stakeholder methodology for research
  11. The Future Of, bringing together open innovation, Southern inclusion and sustainability science


  1. Science-society dialogue: a prerequisite for sustainability science
  2. Universities and sustainability: a review of recent literature
  3. The “magic square” of transformation
  4. Profiles of researchers in sustainability science
  5. Interdisciplinary facilitators: polyglots at the interfaces
  6. Science diplomacy: state of play and perspectives
  7. Societal impact assessments of research for sustainability science
  8. The Research Fairness Initiative (RFI): a tool for strengthening fair partnership
  9. SDG summer school: sprinting towards sustainability science
  10. Digital data and sustainability
  11. Artificial intelligence in sustainability science
  12. Together for climate action
  13. Subject and geographical index


  • Olivier Dangles (Coordination éditoriale de)

    Olivier Dangles est écologue, directeur de recherche et directeur délégué adjoint à la science en charge de la science de la durabilité à l'IRD. 

    Ses recherches, ancrées dans une approche interdisciplinaire de science de la durabilité, portent sur la réponse de la biodiversité face aux changements globaux, à la fois dans des écosystèmes naturels et anthropisés.

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