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The practice of biotechnology, though different in style, scale and substance in globalizing science for development involves all countries. Investment in biotechnology in the industrialised, the developing, and the least developed countries, is now amongst the widely accepted avenues being used for economic development. Long-term use of biotechnology in the agricultural, food, energy and health sectors is expected to yield a windfall of economic, environmental and social benefits. Already the prototypes of new medicines and of prescription fruit vaccines are available. Gene-based agriculture and medicine is increasingly being adopted and accepted. Emerging trends and practices are reflected in the designing of more efficient bioprocesses, and in new research in enzyme and fermentation technology, in the bioconversion of agro-industrial residues into bio-utility products, in animal healthcare, and in the bioremediation and medical biotechnologies. Indeed, with each new day, new horizons in biotechnology beckon.


Editeur : IRD Éditions/Springer

Auteur(s) : S Roussos, C.R. Soccol, A Pandey, C Augur

Collection : Hors collection

Publication : 1 janvier 2003

Edition : 1ère édition

Intérieur : Noir & blanc

Support(s) : Livre papier

Poids (en grammes) : 449

Langue(s) : Anglais

EAN13 Livre papier : 9781402017186

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