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About the book

Expectations are high for revelations about the 'secret' of East-African runners, and they hover over this book as they do over any other publication of the topic. Has science finally unveiled the mystery of these athletes? Will this book tell us why these guys are so good at long distance running? Well, in part it will, yes. Especially if you are ready to open your mind, to understand that high altitude has more effect on the runners’ motivation than on their physiology (see introduction), and to admit that your quest for such ‘secrets’ is part of a misleading belief in their supposed biological otherness.

It is important to remind ourselves that so far, and despite decades of research, no study in the life sciences has ever provided evidence of any sort of biological otherness among the populations of Kenya and Ethiopia which produce the best athletes in the world of middle and long distance running. This lack of positive results reveals a failure and should logically – if science were the only dimension at stake - lead to the abandonment of the paradigm based on the biological otherness of East-African, and more broadly of ‘Black’ athletes.

Editeur : IRD Éditions/CFEE

Collection : Coédition

Publication : 30 novembre 2017

Edition : 1ère édition

Intérieur : Couleur

Support(s) : Livre papier, eBook [PDF], Bundle Livre papier et eBook [PDF]

Contenu(s) : PDF

Protection(s) : Marquage social (PDF)

Poids (en grammes) : 600 (Livre papier), 600 (Bundle Livre papier et eBook [PDF])

Taille(s) : 6,9 Mo (PDF)

Langue(s) : Anglais

EAN13 Livre papier : 9782709924047

EAN13 eBook [PDF] : 9782709924061

EAN13 Bundle Livre papier et eBook [PDF] : 9782709924078



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