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Sclerochronology, the study of calcified structures to reconstruct the past history of living organisms, is central to fish biology and fisheries management. This manual aims to provide an overview of the current theoretical and practical aspects of sclerochronological studies. By providing information on the nature of calcified structures (otoliths, scales, skeleton), their uses in fish research and methods for preparation and examination, the manual constitutes a comprehensive guide for researchers, technicians and students either new to the field or interested in expanding their range of expertise. The enclosed multimedia version (DVD) is supplemented by videos illustrating the main technical procedures with an alternative navigation mode based on decision trees


Editeur : IRD Éditions/Ifremer

Collection : Hors collection

Publication : 1 janvier 2002

Intérieur : Noir & blanc

Support(s) : Livre papier

Poids (en grammes) : 1070

Langue(s) : Anglais

EAN13 Livre papier : 9782844330673


  • Chapter I - Introduction.

                  A. General introduction.

                  B. Historical.

  • Chapter II - Types of calcified structures.

                  A. Otoliths.

                  B. Scales.

                  C. Skeleton.

  • Chapter III - Sclerochronological studies.

                  A. Age estimation.

                  B. Lite history events.

                  C. Influence of shape and structure on the interpretation.

  • Chapter IV - Validation and verification methods.

                 A. Direct validation.

                 B. Semi-direct validation.

                 C. Indirect validation.

                 D. Verification.

  • Chapter V - Some uses of individual age data.

                A. Growth and growth analysis.

                B. Ecological applications.

                C. Demographic structures in stock assessment models.

  • Chapter VI - Computer-assisted age estimation.

                A. What is a computer-assisted age and growth estimation (CAAGE) system?

                B. How a computer can help in calcified structure analysis.

  •  Chapter VII - Otolith microchemistry.

                A. Introduction. 

                B. Some basic chemical definitions and principles.

                C. What are otoliths made of?

                D. Otolith elemental uptake: how and where?

                E. Applications of otolith microchemistry.

                F. What about other calcified structures?

               G. Microchemistry : methodological requirements and issues.

  • Chapter VIII - Preparation and observation techniques.

               A. Aid to decision trees.

               B. Extraction and conservation of calcified structures.

               C. Preparation of calcified structures.

               D. Observation.

               E. Conservation of preparations.

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