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Composing Worlds with Elephants is an interdisciplinary dialogue exploring the historical, social, and ecological entanglement of humans and elephants, a thousands of years old interspecies connection that is multi-dimensional, ambivalent, and always changing. 

Focusing largely on elephants and peoples across Asia, the research in this volume addresses key issues in the study of their relationship including: dimensions of co-existence, cultures of elephant husbandry, and animal agency. Chapters expand how we conceptualize and study elephants, offering ideas that might also help us live better with these endangered animals. Academic texts are supported by visual contributions from three acclaimed guest artists, original visions that enrich our understanding of human-elephant worlds. 

Composing Worlds with Elephants is of value to researchers of human-animal relations across the humanities, social and natural sciences, as well as conservationists and an engaged public interested in exploring new perspectives on humanity’s connection with these charismatic giants.


Editeur : IRD Éditions

Collection : Mondes vivants

Publication : 5 octobre 2023

Intérieur : Couleur

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Contenu(s) : PDF, ePub

Protection(s) : Marquage social (PDF), Marquage social (ePub)

Poids (en grammes) : 613

Taille(s) : 8,9 Mo (PDF), 13 Mo (ePub)

Langue(s) : Anglais

EAN13 Livre papier : 9782709929936

EAN13 eBook [pdf] : 9782709929943

EAN13 eBook [epub] : 9782709929950


Part 1 - Wild relations, wild individuals, wild affects

  • Political and affective ecologies of human-elephant relations
  • Affective ecologies in Sri Lanka
  • The outliers
  • The implications of being a “problem” elephant 
  • “Lantana Elephants” 

Part 2 - Living with elephants - From deep history to future imaginaries

  • War elephants and forest people 
  • Tusks of wisdom
  • From the mouth of the mahout
  • Mahuto-futurism
  • My photographic experience with elephants and their mahouts in Laos

Part 3 - Living with elephants - Mahoutship

  • Laotian mahouts and elephants
  • Nāgādhyakshaçaritha
  • Mahout-elephant relationships
  • Musth as a biosocial event
  • Cemetery: multispecies intimacies and extinction

Part 4 - Thinking with elephants

  • Time and the elephant
  • Elephant-farmer coexistence
  • How elephants are bridging epistemological boundaries
  • Widening the lens


  • Nicolas Lainé (Coordination éditoriale de)

    Nicolas Lainé est anthropologue, chercheur à l'UMR Paloc (IRD/MNHN) à Paris. Ses travaux portent sur les relations homme-animal, la santé, et les savoirs locaux.

  • Paul G. Keil (Coordination éditoriale de)

    Paul G. Keil est anthropologue et chercheur postdoctoral à l'Institut d'ethnologie de l'Académie tchèque des sciences, et chercheur postdoctoral honoraire à l'Université Macquarie, en Australie.

  • Khatijah Rahmat (Coordination éditoriale de)

    Khatijah Rahmat est doctorante à l'École de géographie et d'environnement de l'Université d'Oxford. Elle s'intéresse aux études animales et aux sciences humaines environnementales.

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